Why Twerking????

Of all things that I could teach… why Twerking?

Excellent question! But before I answer that, let me ask you: why NOT Twerking? If not me, who? Twerking was popular before Mylie Cyrus made her viral video. I have been wanting to learn how to twerk for years. In all honesty, I thought being black meant not only was I supposed to automatically know how to do it, but I was also supposed to automatically be REALLY good at it.

Apparently, my body did not get the memo.

Luckily, FiyaStarta, owner of Vertical Joe’s in Atlanta, as a twerk certification class. I visited a friend in Atlanta a few years ago, so I stopped by Vertical Joe’s to take a 3-hour private lesson. 2 hours of that lesson was twerking. It was a beautiful mess. I then saved up to take the Twerk Certification course at PoleCon this past February in Baltimore. Now that I have the foundation, I look forward to learning more about different twerk techniques, & helping others find a twerk that compliments their bodies ❤.

So I twerk because it makes me feel happy, it makes me laugh, it makes me feel sexy, it makes me feel athletic, it helps my cardio… EVERYTHING 😎! If I feel this way, I am sure that others feel the same. So I am here to bring twerk to those who are interested & willing to try something new. Willing to step out of their comfort zone. Willing to not look at their body as a liability, but as a beautiful & unique asset that they can use to their full advantage 😍