When in doubt, Twerk it out 🙂


To help others find the strength, beauty & confidence within themselves in the unique capsule of a body that they were given through the dance technique Twerk.


  • A style of dance highlighting the vigorous shaking of the gluteus maximus
  • An urban fertility dance executed in a low squat stance to a variety of trap, hip hop, and other cultural music
  • A fancy word for booty poppin’ dances
VERB: twerks (third person present) · twerked (past tense) · twerked (past participle) · twerking (present participle)
  • dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.
NOUN: twerks (plural noun)
  • a dance or dance move involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.


I have no formal dance training. I did ballroom dancing from 2005 – 2007. Currently, I have been pole dancing off & on for the past 4 years.

I train under the alter ego Aerial Coco Fyre. I went to Atlanta in 2017 to take a private lesson at Vertical Joe’s. I did a 2-hour twerk lesson. It was a hot mess… and I loved every minute of it!!! I laughed so hard during the workout. It was an amazingly freeing feeling. I wanted others to be able to experience the same.

I realized that there was no one in my area who taught Twerk… and I still wasn’t good at it myself 🤦🏾‍♀️. I tried watching YouTube videos for tutorials & I only ended up hurting myself & getting frustrated. I never thought I would be able to learn how to twerk, so I was determined to find a formal class to learn.

I went to PoleCon Intensive in Baltimore in February 2019 & took an 8-hour course to become a Twerk Certified Twerk Technician®️ by FiyaStarta, the owner of Vertical Joe’s (and Twerk Master extraordinaire).

I am still learning all of the different ways to Twerk (there are 99 ways!) & I love having the ability to share my knowledge with others.

Fitness Resume

Certified Twerk Technician – Vertical Joe’s, Atlanta

Certified Level 1 Pole Instructor – elevatED Education

Certified Flexibility Instructor – elevatED Education

Certified Breath Coach (in progress) – YogaBody


  • “If you have a crack, you can make it clap” – FiyaStarta
  • “If you have a crack, you can make it clap” – FiyaStarta
  • Twerk is not isolated to a certain race, age or gender
  • Bring that ass to class & I’ll show you how to Twerk 🙂
  • “If you have a crack, you can make it clap” – FiyaStarta
  • aka Guys can twerk too!!! Come to class & I will show you how 🙂
  • Classes are small to provide an intimate & comfortable setting for everyone. If a class setting does not work for you, please contact me to inquire about alternative options (ex. private home lessons)
  • The goal is for you to be comfortable! Wear whatever makes you feel free to dance like no one is watching
  • For Twerk purposes, wear busy print bottoms (leggings, shorts, sweats). Try not to wear black or solid color tight bottoms if possible. Let your booty cheeks breathe 🙂
  • Knee pads are optional, but highly recommended. We will be doing some twerks on the floor so I want everyone to be protected & safe
  • You can wear heels if they make you feel like your best you. I will not. I look like a baby deer in them, but do you, boo
  • What I will be wearing is:
    • busy print shorts
    • fishnet tights
    • knee pads
    • knee high socks
    • boots/sneakers
  • Luckily for you I’m not good at choreo either 🙂
  • Classes are more freestyle. Choreo is usually based on the type of music that is being played. The type of music I play depends on my mood & the mood of the students for the day
  • When you go out dancing you do not know what song will be played, so you freestyle in public. We will do the same in class
  • What a coincidence! So do I!
  • Everyone’s privacy & bodies are respected in my class. Those who know me know I don’t play. If you do not want to be recorded, you will not be. Everyone’s safety & privacy is my priority
  • Any google search will show you plenty of people with a similar body type to you twerking successfully. No excuses
  • The only thing required to twerk is an open mind, a positive attitude & a crack. That is all you need. I will help you with the rest
  • Classes will be held at various pole studios, dance studios, homes & other locations, depending on availability of the space
  • I do not have a dedicated location. This allows me to be flexible with my locations so I can be closer to those who are interested in taking classes. It also helps me to decrease my overhead costs  so that I may pass those savings on to you 🙂
  • Upcoming classes will be posted on this site, as well as on social media, via email & through texts for those who sign up for notifications
  • That depends! The type of twerking that we are doing, how much you participate in class & how much you weigh will determine how many calories you burn
  • The more you weigh = the more calories you are able to burn
  • One of my students told me that her fitness watch said she burned 350 calories during her Twerk Boot-Y Camp!!!
  • Another coincidence… my cardio is awful too! Coming to Twerk Boot-Y Camp should help improve your cardio, but cardio is not required to take a class
  • First, twerking only looks easy when someone who knows how to do it well is doing it. It takes a lot of practice to make difficult things look easy. Trust me. I am still learning different twerk techniques myself, & it is wayyyyyyyy harder than it looks.
  • At the end of the day you can do whatever you want. I have seen plenty of people shake their hips side to side or move their chest some way & call it twerking. If you are happy with that, I am happy for you 🙂
  • If you want to improve your current twerk skills, come to Twerk Boot-Y Camp & I can help you.
  • The goal of Twerk Boot-Y Camp is for you to feel comfortable in the skin you are in & the body that you were born with & find a unique movement that only your body can create
  • In this day and age we are too obsessed with every roll, dent, ding, dimple, cellulite, ripple, etc on our bodies. We want to look like unrealistic versions of what celebrities on social media look like, without acknowledging that we are amazing the way that we are
  • Example: there is a certain type of twerk that looks A-MA-ZING on you if you have cellulite. Which one? Come to class & I’ll show you 🙂
  • In Twerk Boot-Y Camp I hope to help all of you realize the amazing capabilites that your bodies possess & how all of those rolls, dents, dings, dimples, cellulite, ripples, etc are magical & make our dance movement uniquely ours

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